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Yanking Pantry Tax Credits: Hurting the Most Vulnerable

When the Missouri legislature failed to pass an overhaul of the state's tax credit system, it also took away an important tool in the fight against Missouri's hunger problem. The Food Pantry Tax Credit is set to expire this year. Language to extend and expand the program was contained in both House and Senate versions of the tax credit overhaul bill. Now the tax credit will expire at the end of August.

"The decision to allow the Food Pantry Tax Credit to sunset will have a profound impact on overwhelmed organizations serving our most vulnerable neighbors," said David Davenport, Executive Director, Second Harvest Community Food Bank. "Many families, children and seniors in crisis that have been able to count on the availability of nutritious food from a local pantry will have to go without; increasing hunger and food insecurity across the region. I am shocked lawmakers quietly let an important tax credit die in the midst of difficult economic conditions for so many Missourians."

Missouri's food banks and pantries have leveraged the Food Pantry Tax Credit into hundreds of thousands of pounds of food for hungry Missourians. Last year, nearly $1 million worth of credits were claimed toward the Food Pantry Tax Credit statewide. The sunset of the tax credit will greatly impact Northwest Missouri where Second Harvest partners with 100 agencies, 43% of which are food pantries. Proposed changes would have enhanced usage of the credit and made more food available.

All Food Pantry Tax Credit claimants must make contributions to an eligible food pantry on or before August 28, 2011. All claimants must submit claims by September 1, 2012. More information can be found at the Missouri Department of Revenue's website: http://dor.mo.gov/taxcredit/fpt.php 

Posted by Jodie O'Brien, Second Harvest, Communications and Public Relations Assistant - Wednesday, 05/18/11, 03:14 PM - Comments - Category: Hunger Policy

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