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Weekly Policy Update

The Second Harvest Weekly Hunger Policy Update highlights what's new on hunger, nutrition and poverty issues. Second Harvest will use this policy update to alert you to trends, reports, news items and resources and, when available, link you directly to them.

The Associated Press

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Economists say a stalemate makes it harder for Congress to extend the Social Security tax cut and unemployment benefits. On the other hand, if the supercommittee does forge a deal, it might include an extension of those benefits. Or it could at least clear the way for an extension later.
The Social Security tax cut gave most Americans an extra $1,000 to $2,000 this year. Unemployment benefits provide about $300 a week. Most of that money quickly and directly boosts consumer spending, which drives the economy.
The Washington Examiner, Fewer D.C. households received food stamps last year
November 17, 2011
The District and two states saw a drop in the number of residents using food stamps last year, as 13.6 million households nationwide received the federal benefit in a slowly rebounding economy.
According to newly released census data, nearly 12 of every 100 households nationwide last year -- a 16.2 percent increase from 2009 -- received food stamps. Yet, an estimated 3,376 fewer households in the District last year were on the food stamp rolls, for 28,656 of them, eclipsed by just Louisiana in percentage decrease, which had 11.8 percent fewer households on food stamps than in 2009, compared with 10.5 percent fewer in the District.
Politico, Rare deal: $182B approps bill passes
November 18, 2011
Congress gave final approval Thursday to a $182 billion domestic spending bill which marks a first down payment toward the August debt accords and rare return to some semblance of regular order for the tattered appropriations process.
The action came as House-Senate farm bill negotiators signaled they were near agreement on a five-year plan that will meet deficit-reduction targets and can be added to whatever budget package is reported from the joint supercommittee next week.
The Los Angeles Times, Congress OKs bill to avoid government shutdown
November 17, 2011
Members of Congress have done something some thought was no longer possible: Come together to keep the government operating without waiting until the brink of a shutdown., Deep spending cuts pose a new threat to US economy. The House and Senate passed legislation Thursday designed to keep the government operating past midnight Friday and to fund several agencies for the 2012 fiscal year.





Posted by David Davenport, CEO - Monday, 11/21/11, 10:12 AM - Comments - Category: Hunger Policy

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