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An Experience - My Food Stamp Challenge

As I enter day 4 of the Food Stamp Challenge I would defiantly say it has been an eye-opening experience. When I went to the store I didn’t have any idea what I was going to buy. As I began to find items to eat for the week and put them in my cart I was adding up the total to make sure I didn’t go over my budget.

As the total got higher I was getting concerned about the fact that I had only a few items and I might not be able to have enough to eat through the week. Luckily that was not the case and I was able to have items for the entire week. Going to the store really made me think about what many of our neighbors and friends have to go through. They are making critical decisions on what to purchase to nourish their families.

I have been asked several times about how the Challenge is going. Until yesterday my response was it has been going fine. Since I’m not eating very well or really eating that much I began to feel sick to my stomach. That made me think. Many people probably have that feeling often either because they skip a meal to nourish their family or because they don’t have anything to eat at all.

I truly encourage the public to get involved and experience what so many of our friends and neighbors are going through.  Take the Challenge. Be the Solution.

Posted by Aaron Smullin, Public Relations Coordinator - Wednesday, 03/07/12, 03:26 PM - Comments - Category: Food Stamp Challenge 2012

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