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Tamara's Food Stamp Challenge - Day 3

As I end day three of the the Food Stamp Challenge, I am becoming very humbled. I am so thankful for the life I have and the many blessings in my life. I can look forward to getting back to my "normal" routine in four days. I can go back to the store and buy what I want and if I don't feel like cooking, no biggie, I can eat out.

So many families do not have that luxury. Actually, the $28 is the luxury. The $28 they receive in SNAP benefits is the difference between eating this week or purchasing medications, paying the electric bill, the list goes on and on. I have heard over a dozen stories from our Food Security Coordinators at Second Harvest of community members giving them giant hugs and holding back tears, because they have taken the time to help them receive much needed food assistance. 

The SNAP program truly is a trampoline for families. Mom and Dad will sleep better tonight, knowing there is food in fridge for breakfast in the morning. Kids are resting peacefully after their dinner, ready to get up bright and early and head to school. Our retired, elderly, disabled and veterans are one step closer to making ends meet on their fixed incomes. Coupling SNAP with the programs offered by Second Harvest, like Backpack Buddies and Harvest House, community members can begin writing the new chapters of their lives knowing that the community is here to support them, ensuring a brighter future, and embracing the fact that hunger is unacceptable.

We can do so much more to move our community forward when we all acknowledge that food is not only a basic need, but a RIGHT of all people. Hunger does not discriminate. The face of hunger has changed in our community, but we can all do something about it.

I am so grateful for the experience of the Food Stamp Challenge. I look forward to completing this challenge and looking forward to the day I can say we have completed the challenge of ending hunger! Be the solution!

Posted by Tamara Grubb, COO - Wednesday, 03/14/12, 12:38 PM - Comments - Category: Food Stamp Challenge 2012

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