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What if? Food Stamp Challenge Day 2

Well, after warming up my lunch, it tasted good and was more than I needed. If I were doing this for a family, I would plan on one chicken breast to feed one adult and a small child or two older children. 

I need to remember to cook the rice a little longer as it was a little on the crunchy side. Here is what it looks like, please ignore the messy desk.

Bowl of rice

Last night I was trying to determine what I would have today. I love sweet and sour chicken and orange chicken. The biggest problem with both of those is the restaurants use breaded nuggets. Not this week. Since I do not have any sweet and sour sauce nor do I have any orange marmalade, I used what I have which is raspberry preserves. I mixed two spoonfuls with a couple of dashes of vinegar and spread that on a piece of chicken. I fixed more rice last night and added some frozen peas to mimic fried rice.  Sounds like a good lunch for today.

I wanted to spend a little time pointing you to some great websites for gluten and dairy-free recipes. My favorite is Gluten Free Goddess. She has great deserts although most are not dairy-free. Another great site is Elana’s Pantry for great main dish ideas. Others that I enjoy are Gluten Free Dairy Free Recipes, Gluten Free Mommy, and The GFCG Experience but some require subscribing. One great site that is not free is Living Free but they post many great ideas on Facebook and by email. A Google search will give you more sites.

Today in our staff meeting, there was an article shared with us. A woman wrote it on food stamps, talking about her experience. This article from the Chicago Sun-Times entitled: I’m On Food Stamps. Don’t Hate Me was published March 19 and created a lot of comments around the office. In fact, the Food Stamp Challenge has created many comments. A woman came in Friday afternoon hoping to shop at Harvest House. She told us that she receives $38 a month for food. She supplements her needs with the various food pantries and by shopping weekly at Harvest House. It made me extremely grateful for my job, my home and my family. I made the choice to participate in this challenge. What would I do if my life were different? What if I didn’t have a job? What if my husband was not healthy and able to work. What if? What if? What if? How many what if’s am I away from needing assistance? What about you?

Posted by Vicki Berg, Director of Finance and Adminstration - Tuesday, 03/20/12, 10:29 AM - Comments - Category: Food Stamp Challenge 2012

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