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Food Stamp Challenge-Experimenting is best

I need batteries in my camera so I did not get a picture of today’s lunch but that experiment turned out to be delicious. I highly recommend experimenting with recipes and ideas to fit your family and budget. Some of my best meals have been experiments.

Last night I made chicken fried rice for today. Cut a chicken breast into small pieces and brown in oil. Add bell pepper, onion (both left over from the Cajun Chicken) and garlic. When tender, add some frozen peas and carrots, a little chicken broth and honey. Add rice and warm. Heavenly! I have decided I like this challenge because I am not hungry when I get home and I decided this morning that almond milk is wonderful! I made time to eat a breakfast of rice cereal and almond milk, no need for extra sugar. Coming from this sweets fanatic, that says something. A co-worker has been telling me that the Hy-Vee brand almond milk is as good as the Silk but less expensive, especially when they have a store brands sale. Need to check that out.

Almond Milk  


I gave you some websites for gluten and dairy-free yesterday but I found this one as well. It has a great page for dairy substitutes and another page that talks about restaurants. Check out Cooking Gluten (& Dairy) Free. I plan to use this to figure out how to make my favorite cake – Flourless Chocolate Cake from Gluten Free Goddess.


I started this challenge to show that a gluten-free, dairy-free diet is possible on a very tight budget. I have a friend who’s three boys are all ADD/ADHD with the two youngest also being Autistic. She uses only organic foods but that is not always possible for everyone. Here are some websites that will give you ideas and information from both sides of the issue. All I know is that for those three boys it works. What works for you or your children is for you and your physician to determine.

Autism Web gives resources, diet tips and teaching methods for children with Autism.

Healing Thresholds talks about the latest research, news and resources within your area.

ABC News has an article about the research on gluten and dairy-free diets.

If you are willing to read a research article, this one published by the National Institutes of Health might interest you.

Celiac.com and Celiac.org have information about gluten and ADD/ADHD among other issues related to gluten intolerance. Celiac Disease is the inability for the large intestine to process the gluten (protein) found in many grains.

Happy Eating on $28 a week!

Posted by Vicki Berg, Director of Finance and Administration - Wednesday, 03/21/12, 09:11 AM - Comments - Category: Food Stamp Challenge 2012


Comment by John Bloomstine on March 21, 2012 - 04:33 PM

Hi Vicki,

I like your challenge of doing it gluten free. If you have a Trader Joe's near you they have lists in their stores that lists gluten free foods. At the Costco where I go to, they carry 4 pound bags of organic Quinoa for slightly less than $10.00. Here in the San Francisco bay area, I have been on a $4.50 a day food stamp challenge since the beginning of the year. I am ending the challenge at the end of this month. Food stamps are issued in one allotment each month and that enables people to buy in bulk to save money. I spent an average of $4.27 a day with some organic foods for January. I was not any hungrier and had plenty of energy for cardiovascular exercise and weight lifting. This month I am eating all organic foods and am within budget. Last week I did organic vegan and did fine.

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