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Jerry Pickman, Many Proud Moments

This is the third blog of a three part blog series that has featured three of our retiring board members as they have reflected on their time served with Second Harvest Community Food Bank.

Jerry Pickman“It breaks my heart to see kids going hungry,” said Jerry Pickman, director of development, Missouri Western State University.

Childhood hunger is something very close to Pickman. He remembers reading a quote about an eight year old girl who drinks water from the water fountain until she is full because her dad doesn’t have enough money to pack her a snack. When Pickman read that quote, it truly resonated with him and caused him think about how lucky his family is.

As Pickman’s seven year board term comes to a close, he says there are many moments from his term that stand out in his mind. One of these moments was when David Davenport, Second Harvest’s CEO was hired because of the skill set that he brought with him. He was also especially proud when Davenport completed the Food Stamp Challenge. The Food Stamp Challenge allowed Davenport and members of the community to experience what it is like to live on a budget of $28 a week. Pickman is proud of Davenport completing the Food Stamp Challenge because it told the story of the challenges that many of our members have to face.

In his time serving on the board, Pickman has been able to see Second Harvest grow its branding and marketing efforts across the region. As a development expert, he knows increasing brand awareness is challenging. He has also been able to witness an increase in funding and is proud to see growth in Food Rescue.

Pickman received his undergraduate degree from Missouri Western. He later went on to graduate with his Executive MBA from Benedictine College in Atchison, KS. Pickman was born and raised in Atchison, KS where he currently resides. Pickman has been married to his wife, Shannon, for 27 years. He has three children: Nichole, Nathan and Bethany.

Posted by Aaron Smullin, Public Relations Coordinator - Friday, 07/06/12, 09:21 AM - Comments - Category: Miscellaneous

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