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The Food Justice Movement

Food Equality is at the core of our most ambitious endeavor here at Second Harvest Community Food Bank. 

Fresh Start: Your Community Market is designed to expand access to nutritious food and employment opportunities to a portion of St. Joseph that is classified by the USDA as a food desert. In general terms, a food desert is a low income neighborhood or community with greater than 20% poverty rate and little to no access to healthy foods. These neighborhoods are often filled with fast food restaurants and convenience stores that offer little in fight against diet-related diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Below is a map from the USDA Food Desert Locator website:

Food Desert

 USDA Food Desert locator showing large food desert (shaded area) to the north and northwest of Downtown St. Joseph.

Lastly, here is a video segment from the Melissa Harris-Perry Show. Melissa does a great job highlighting a new hero in the food justice movement as well as a well-articulated description of our country’s food access challenges.

Join Second Harvest in this effort to bring food equality to St. Joseph. Support Fresh Start and the important programs that will be a part of this important community market.

Posted by David Davenport, CEO - Tuesday, 09/18/12, 12:26 PM - Comments - Category: Miscellaneous

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