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Take Action Now-Food Pantry Tax Credit

As you may be aware, the Senate recently voted to approve SB 20, which included renewal of the Food Pantry Tax Credit, although the cap for the credit was reduced from $2 million to $1.25 million. The bill now moves to the House, where we hope we can get the House to approve the credit with the $2 million cap.

We are very interested in working to get this tax credit renewed, because we feel it gives food pantries a competitive advantage over other nonprofit entities as we compete for donor support. We ask you to consider using text from this sample letter and send it to your elected officials that serve your community. In addition, we are providing the following talking points, should you have an opportunity to discuss this with your elected officials.

  • The Food Pantry Tax Credit is a valuable tool that will assist pantries in the fight against hunger in Missouri
  • Missouri currently has the 5th highest rate of childhood hunger in America
  • We feel it is important to remove the Food Pantry Tax Credit from the discussion involving more controversial state tax credits
  • We would like to see the credit restored at the full $2m cap level

Posted by Chad Higdon, interim executive director - Thursday, 01/31/13, 09:53 AM - Comments - Category: Hunger Policy


Comment by bruce dowsey on January 31, 2013 - 12:46 PM


for some of these people, this is all they have to help ends meet. the taxes received from this greatly needed source of food is inimportant compared to the need of those who can not afford to correctly feed there children. Our God calls for us to do this, so please help us serve God to do what he asks, for his childrens sake.

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