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Meet our Staff - Jenny Osborn

Jenny Osborn is one of two Food Security Coordinators who work to promote Second Harvest Community Food Bank’s Close the Gap program. Close the Gap was created to provide better access to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly called food stamps.)  Jenny has only been at Second Harvest for a year, but she’s quickly established herself as a vital part of the organization.

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Jenny enjoys meeting and helping families that need access to nutritious food. One of the most memorable people she has met through her job was a woman who moved to Missouri from another state.  The woman was living with a friend, but she had to have stable housing in order for her son to live with her. Jenny helped the woman obtain food and SNAP benefits.

“When I first met this woman she was very upset because she had no food, was staying with a friend and missed her son very much,” said Jenny Osborn, Food Security Coordinator for Second Harvest. “But things slowly started to improve. Every time I saw her shopping in Second Harvest’s nonprofit grocery store (Fresh Start, Your Community Market), she had good news to report. She’d tell me about obtaining a home, her SNAP benefits being approval, getting a job and then one day, she walked in and had her son by her side. It was the happiest I had ever seen her. It was so rewarding to see her go from tears to having the biggest smile in the world.”

Being a Food Security Coordinator entails visiting senior and low-income housing complexes, others’ homes, and other nonprofit organizations, as well as visiting caregivers and social workers in Buchanan and Andrew Counties to assist those in need apply for SNAP benefits.

Close the Gap is made possible through the Missouri Promoting Food Security Program. In its first two years, the program enrolled 1,616 individuals onto SNAP. Jenny and her counterpart, Deb Ramey, hope to enroll 850 additional individual onto the vital program this year.  

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