Donna Thompson

Dona Thompson - Second Harvest FB Helping Hands

Second Harvest Community Food Bank is proud to announce Donna Thompson as the Employee of the Quarter. Donna has been with Second Harvest Community Food Bank for five years. She currently serves as the Agency Relations and Volunteer Coordinator. When asked what was her favorite part of the job Donna responded, “I love working with people.”

The fact that she likes to work with people truly shows. One staff member says “Donna always has a positive attitude and is willing to help anyone at anytime with anything. She is a can do person.”

Prior to working at Second Harvest, Donna interned here two days a week for six months while enrolled at Hillyard Technical Center where she earned a certificate in Office Administration. Donna was approached by a previous director when a position opened up and she accepted. She started out in the Development Office as a Development Assistant and then moved into her current role.

Donna has two children; a daughter Libby, 19, and a son Nick, 15.


Chad Neff

Chad Neff - Second Harvest Helping Hands

Second Harvest Community Food Bank is proud to announce Chad Neff as the Employee of the Quarter. Chad has worked as a truck driver for Second Harvest since January 26, 2009. In that short time, Chad has quickly earned the respect of his co-workers and everyone on this truck route.

“Chad is polite to everyone,” says one co-worker. “If he sees someone that may need help carrying something, he’s there offering his assistance.” Another employee shared that sentiment saying, “Chad is always willing to make extra stops if we need him to pick something up. He even offers to go to Starbucks for us! That is way about his job because he doesn’t even like coffee!”

Indeed, Chad is helpful to everyone he meets, including those he sees along his truck route. Each day, Chad picks up food donations (food rescue) from stores and organizations across St. Joseph. He then delivers the food to Second Harvest and to many pantries and food kitchens in the community. Chad doesn’t just do his job and go home; Chad loves his job and understands the significance of the food rescue program. Chad says, “The stores probably don’t know how much good they’re actually doing in this community.”

Chad’s job places him in situations where he constantly meets new and interesting people. As a matter of fact, Chad recently ran into rock band Motley Crue while picking up food at the South Belt Wal-Mart in St. Joseph. Talk about rubbing elbows!

Chad is a St. Joseph native, graduating from Lafayette High School. Chad is thankful to be living and serving the town that he’s known his entire life. “Second Harvest gave me an opportunityto help people. It’s fulfilling to help those in my own community.”

Chad is a true family man. He’s married to his beautiful wife Beth and has two wonderful children, Presley (10) and Spencer (2). When he’s not at work, he’s home playing with his children. “Family always takes priority. My kids are awesome!”

Join us in congratulating Chad Neff as the Employee of the Quarter.


Stacy Neibling Fisher

Stacy Neibling Fisher - Second Harvest Helping Hands

Second Harvest is proud to announce Stacy Neibling Fisher as the Employee of the Quarter. Stacy is Second Harvest’s Special Events and Marketing Coordinator. She joined the organization in June of 2010. Very quickly, Stacy proved to be an extremely vital asset to Second Harvest.

Upon meeting Stacy, you immediately see her upbeat and positive nature. “I love my job at Second Harvest,” says Stacy. “I finally feel like I found a place I belong. There is such a sense of camaraderie here. I feel like I have a second family here. Plus, I’ve never had a job where I actually feel like I’m making a difference. I know that sounds cliché, but it’s true and it honestly makes me want to get up and go to work in the morning.”

Stacy has a winning personality and easily makes her co-workers smile daily. “She is sensitive to the needs of others. She is an exceptional individual who I’m honored to work with daily,” says one co- worker.”

“Stacy is always pleasant and I enjoy working with her,” says another employee.

There is more to Stacy than just her wonderful personality. She is an incredibly hard worker, constantly driving towards perfection. She is extremely conscientious about her work and is focused making sure the end result greatly benefits Second Harvest. Stacy spends her time strategizing and planning for events, food drives and marketing plans that are bigger and better than ever before.

“Stacy has worked diligently both in the office and at special events, pre-planning and working from home when necessary, and works her hardest to make sure that every need presented to her is fulfilled,” says a co-worker.

As a former radio reporter for KFEQ/KKJO/KSJQ/KSFT, Stacy brings a vast amount of knowledge and expertise to the table. Under Stacy’s leadership, food and fund drives have grown considerably and Second Harvest’s exposure to the community is at an all-time high.In typical Stacy-fashion, she was very humble in her response to receiving this award. “I truly appreciate this recognition and I want all of my co-workers to know that I am so grateful for their guidance over the past several months.”

Stacy is a 2004 graduate of Northwest Missouri State University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Stacy married Drew Fisher in 2009 and they currently reside in St. Joseph with their two dogs. At Stacy’s desk, you will see pictures of Tyson the tenacious boxer and Tessa the sweet-natured terrier in addition to many snapshots of Drew and family members. “You surround yourself with those you care about in your life, and those people truly have an impact on who you are as a person. In my case, I’m surrounded by a wonderful husband, a caring family and two sweet dogs. I can’t get through a day without talking about one of them. Drew is such a good husband. He has made me a better person. It may sound silly to be so in love with dogs, but Tyson and Tessa bring me and Drew such joy. They are my family.”

Stacy is particularly popular with her co-workers because she routinely treats them with cupcakes from Delish Bakery. Please join us in congratulating Stacy Neibling Fisher for her hard work at Second Harvest!


Dona McAndrews

Dona McAndrews - Second Harvest Helping Hands

Dona has worked as the receptionist at Second Harvest Community Food Bank since October of 2009. Dona is a very warm person who takes it upon herself to greet each person who comes into the building with a smile. Dona covers for employees when they are gone, assists clients and guests, answers the phone and assists with duties in accounting and inventory.

One food bank employee said, “Dona is a valuable asset to Second Harvest. She is interested, congenial, helpful and creates a great first impression that is hard to erase.”

When Dona found out she was the Employee of the Quarter, her modesty shined through. “I was surprise. I was very surprised,” Dona said. “I like the group of people I work with here. I like feeling like I’m part of a team.”

Dona is originally from DeKalb but she has lived in St. Joseph for the past 30 years. She is married with three children, a son (29) and twin daughters (19).

Dona treats everyone who walks in the door with respect and is always willing to help others in need. Her generosity and kind spirit touches each and every person she comes into contact with.

Dennis Bell

Dennis Bell - Second Harvest Helping Hands

Second Harvest Community Food Bank wanted to do something special for its employees, so we established an Employee Recognition program. Each quarter, employees, clients and volunteers are encouraged to nominate someone they feel goes above and beyond the call of duty. Those nominations are then carefully sorted and one employee is selected to be the Employee of the Quarter. That employee will receive a VIP parking space.

Dennis Bell was selected to be the first Employee of the Quarter. Dennis has been with Second Harvest for six years. He is a delivery driver and warehouse worker. He makes deliveries to pantries in each of the 19-counties Second Harvest serves. While the warehouse manager was away on sick-leave, Dennis took on the roll as temporary warehouse manager and did his best to keep things running smoothly.

Although Dennis’ job is very time consuming and often times hectic, he always does his job with a smile on his face. One employee said, “Dennis makes working here a joy.” Dennis was a big help to the Development Department when they were organizing a large corporate food drive called Food Fight. Dennis helped organize boxes, set up the warehouse for guest and even helped with clean-up. The Development Office praised Dennis for his hard work. He just grinned and said, “Anything for you girls in Development.”

We would like to congratulate Dennis Bell for being the Employee of the Quarter. Dennis is truly an asset to Second Harvest and we are very grateful for all that he does. When asked how he felt to be selected as the Employee of the Quarter, Dennis replied, “Everyone in the building is a winner. I just happened to win the quarter.”