Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) tax credits allow donors who contribute to qualified non-profit organizations in Missouri to receive 50% of their contribution back as a state tax credit. These credits may be used for up to six (6) tax periods (including the current year).

Our NAP tax credits have been used for the current period (2012-2014), but we anticipate receiving more NAP credits for 2015-2016.

Who can use NAP credits?

  • Corporations (including S-Corporations and their individual shareholders)
  • Insurance Companies
  • Express Companies
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Partnerships (and their individual partners)
  • Limited Liability Companies (and their individual members)
  • Individuals who either:
    a) operate a sole proprietorship in Missouri             
    b) operate a farm in Missouri, or
    c) have rental property in Missouri, or
    d) have royalty income in Missouri.

What kind of donations qualify?

  • Cash
  • Stocks / Bonds
  • In-Kind  (on a limited basis)

Did you know donations of $500 and over (one time or cumulative) for 2013 may qualify for a 50% tax credit through the state of Missouri? If you have business income from a farm operation, rental property, an S-Corporation or royalties, you may qualify. For more information, call , director of development at 816.364.3663.