Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) tax credits allow donors who contribute to qualified non-profit organizations in Missouri to receive 50% of their contribution back as a state tax credit. These credits may be used for up to six (6) tax periods (including the current year).

Who can use NAP credits?

  • Corporations (including S-Corporations and their individual shareholders)
  • Insurance Companies
  • Express Companies
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Partnerships (and their individual partners)
  • Limited Liability Companies (and their individual members)
  • Individuals who either:
    a) operate a sole proprietorship in Missouri             
    b) operate a farm in Missouri, or
    c) have rental property in Missouri, or
    d) have royalty income in Missouri.

What kind of donations qualify?

  • Cash
  • Stocks / Bonds
  • In-Kind  (on a limited basis)

Did you know donations of $500 and over (one time or cumulative) for 2013 may qualify for a 50% tax credit through the state of Missouri? If you have business income from a farm operation, rental property, an S-Corporation or royalties, you may qualify. For more information, call , director of development at 816.364.3663.