Harvest Healing LogoIndividuals who have been diagnosed with cancer are often times prescribed complete-nutrition drinks such as Boost or Ensure by their doctor. These patients are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy and frequently have no appetite. These nutrition drinks help to support a healthy immune system while patients are undergoing these intense treatments. Unfortunately, these nutrition drinks are very expensive and many times patients can’t afford to buy them.

This is where Second Harvest Community Food Bank's Harvest Healing steps in. Harvest Healing is a unique program that was created to help patients diagnosed with cancer receive the vital nutrients they need by providing access to complete-nutrition drinks. In order to be part of the program, patients simply present a doctor’s note to the Second Harvest staff and they will be provided with a case of Boost or Ensure-like product once a month. 

At Second Harvest Community Food Bank, we know firsthand that illness does not discriminate. Anyone, from any socioeconomic status can be diagnosed with cancer. Harvest Healing is our response to assisting low-income cancer patients, allowing them to focus on healing.

If you are in need of this program or you would like more information contact Dona McAndrews at 816.364.3663.