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1 in 5. That’s the number of people in Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas who are food insecure. While farmers
are busy producing food, there has been no easy way for farmers to use their crops to help those struggling in our
region. But what if these farmers could just hand part of the crops they grow to the people who need it most? That’s the
idea behind Invest an Acre. Now, it’s easy for farmers to be part of the solution to hunger.

What is Invest an Acre?

Second Harvest Community Food Bank, ADM, The Howard G. Buffett Foundation, Monsanto and Feeding America have
partnered to launch Invest an Acre, a program to encourage farmers across the country to donate one acre or more of
crop proceeds to help nourish their neighbors in need.

How does my donation work?

It’s easy. When you deliver the crop to your local grain elevator, decide how many bushels you would like to donate.
At the elevator, simply mention to the elevator staff that you wish to opt in to Invest an Acre to support Second Harvest
Community Food Bank. When you deliver your crop, a check for the sale of grain will be issued to Feeding America and
then distributed to Second Harvest (your local food bank). Second Harvest will make sure the money is used to nourish
our neighbors in need throughout Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas. You will receive a receipt for your charitable

How much of my donation will benefit Second Harvest?

100% of your contribution will benefit Second Harvest when you donate grain through the Invest an Acre program.
Monsanto will match your donation one-for-one, doubling the impact of your contribution. The Howard G. Buffett
Foundation will underwrite all of the administrative costs.

How much will my donation help?

On average, every bushel of corn can help secure 18 meals and a bushel of soybeans can help secure up to 40 meals.
When you donate a single acre, you are helping thousands of your neighbors to receive a healthy meal.

For more information, please contact:

Chad Higdon: 816-364-3663, ext. 250

Participating elevators:

Bartlett Grain Company
Location 1
324 Riverfront Road
Atchison, KS

Bartlett Grain Company
Location 2
1005 SW Lower Lake Road
St. Joseph, MO

Lifeline Foods
2811 South 11 Street Road
St. Joseph, MO

Craig Grain
102 Marion Street 
Craig, MO

Gage's Fertilizer and Grain

  • Albany, 805 Mill St.
  • Bethany, 31019 East 260 Ave.
  • Maitland, 101 Main St.
  • Ravenwood, 112 W. Hawk
  • Skidmore, 209 Elm St.
  • St. Joseph, 1901 South 6 St.
  • Stanberry, 105 South High St.

DeBruce Grain
21799 E Ave
Rock Port, MO

Sur-Gro Plant Food Co.
1006 W. North Street
Plattsburg, MO