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Making the Most of Your Food Drive

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Activities to Create a Unique Food Drive That Raises Awareness With Fun

You’ve probably participated in a traditional food drive. You gather up your non-perishable foods out of your pantry and deposit them at your local school, workplace or place of worship. However, now you have decided to coordinate a food drive and you want it to be anything but traditional.

Here are a few ideas for making a memorable food drive that participants will love and will drive up interest with unique fun events:

Guess the Baby Contest: Along with your food drive, gather up baby photos of your workplace staff or student body. Number the photos and then sell guess sheets for $5, with the proceeds going to Second Harvest Community Food Bank.

Trivia Night: Make admission a combination of a flat fee for the table, plus a minimum number of canned goods for each participant. Create decorations that highlight facts about food insecurity and consider having a category all about food trivia.

Ice Cream Social: Invite your community to an ice cream social, where admission is a fee plus non-perishable food in exchange for all the ice cream they can eat.

Dessert Trolley: At your next meal event for your place of worship or your place of employment, have desserts donated. Display them on a trolley that circulates among the guests, with each dessert tagged with a minimum donation. Donate the proceeds to Second Harvest.

Guessing Games: Invite your community to a food drive, but near the donation bins have a few guessing games, such as jelly beans in a big jar. Sell guesses for $1 each. This option can be combined with any of the above food drive ideas. It’s an easy boost that increases the fun at any event.

The Big Shot: Invite your students or staff to get their picture taken at the principal’s or CEO’s desk when they bring donations for the food drive. Be ready with funny props or thought bubbles to include in the pictures. Charge a dollar or two for each picture, and donate the funds to Second Harvest.

Give weight to your food drive: Challenge your group to donate enough food to match the collective weight of your leadership team or board. Track progress on a giant chart and plan an event like a cookie bake-off to kick off the food drive and bump up the weight of your leadership a little!

Canned Film Festival: A really clever food drive idea is already in progress in our community. The Canned Film Festival takes place throughout the summer, and attendees need only donate non-perishable foods to view a great kids’ movie at the Regal Hollywood 10. All donations go directly to Second Harvest.

Food drives play a critical role in the mission of Second Harvest. They help us keep shelves stocked at Fresh Start, our on-site food pantry, and also provide food for distribution to our over 100 Partner Agencies. If you would like to coordinate a food drive with one of the great ideas above, please contact us for food drive guidelines.