Our Mission Partners

With the support of our generous partners, Second Harvest is serving the needs of families across our 19 county service territory and helping them to move forward and flourish. Read more to learn how our Mission Partners help fulfill our mission — and how your organization can become one.

Together, we are making a difference toward creating hunger-free communities.

garden3From businesses to service clubs and community organizations, our Mission Partners work alongside us throughout the year, nearly every step of the way. They provide support and help to our regional Partner Agencies, such as area food pantries, and help us fill in unique gaps of service for those who need it most.

If your business, organization or church is interested in becoming a Mission Partner, please contact us today and let’s get started helping our neighbors, together.

Our Mission Partners Include:


We’ve been told since we were small children to eat our fruits and vegetables, but why? According to www.choosemyplate.gov a diet containing fresh food may reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.  It is also known to protect against certain types of cancers, lower blood pressure, and help decrease bone loss.  One major obstacle for food insecure families to buying fresh food is the cost.  In 2013, research from the Harvard School of Public Health indicated that the cost to eat healthy per person per day was $1.50 more than not eating healthy.  For the 51,360 individuals in our service area that are food insecure that can add an additional $547.50 to their yearly budget per person.  A family on a strict budget simply can’t afford this expense.

The Fresh Mobile Pantry has been traveling from town to town for a year distributing over 107,000 pounds of fresh produce throughout the Second Harvest service area. Our staff has had the privilege of bringing this food to areas that simply don’t have convenient access to healthy food.  Along the way, we have met some individuals and families that have touched our hearts.

Carley who has very little sight and can’t work, but because of the Fresh Mobile Pantry, for the first time she had fresh fruits in her home.

A single mom, with two young girls, told us that they don’t have much (food) in the house and the food they received today is a blessing.

Millie expressed to us that several of her senior friends are home-bound and can’t afford fresh fruits and vegetables. The produce that they receive from the Fresh Mobile Pantry is all they will get during the month.  Volunteers load her golf cart up and she makes deliveries throughout Pattonsburg.

For the little girl who lives in a car with her Mom and brother the fresh fruit was a welcome gift because they didn’t have to find a way to cook the food.

Cody is our number one volunteer in Barnard.  Sweet little Cody loves it when the Second Harvest Fresh Mobile Pantry rolls into town because he knows his family is “going to get some food”, but he also gets to help Second Harvest bring food to his neighbors. He dives right in passing bags of potatoes out to his neighbors.  Some of them can’t come up to the distribution sight so he and his big brother make home deliveries.

The Fresh Mobile Pantry partners with the VA Eastern Kansas to provide help to our veteran neighbors. Through programs such as this, we are implementing hunger solutions that truly impact our region — and allow individuals and families to move forward.

Currently the Fresh Mobile Pantry is scheduled to make monthly distributions in areas that have been identified as food desserts. Those sites include Eagleville, Pattonsburg, Braymer, Barnard, St. Joseph, Kickapoo, and Blair.  Several other communities in Northwest MO and Northeast KS are in areas that have food desserts.  The Fresh Mobile Pantry was made possible through the Mosaic Community Connects program, but you can help us reach more communities by making a tax-deductible donation to Second Harvest Community Food Bank.  For more information or to donate visit www.OurCommunityFoodBank.org


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